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Antonela Sirtelli (Roma): Ho atteso ma alla fine ce l'ho fatta. Porto anche la mia testimonianza che è decisamente positiva. Dopo ben 8 mesi ormai stavo perdendo le speranze ma alla fine, facendo una piccola trattativa sul prezzo finale, sono riuscita a vendere il mio abito. Buona fortuna a tutte


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Have you ever thought of giving a new life to your wedding dress after the wedding, giving the same joy we have experienced with other people? Why keep it in a closet gathering dust for years and sell it to make the purchase that you have put off until now?

AbitiDaSposaUsati.eu is the first site of its kind on the search engines Italians; guarantees you thousands of visits and the opportunity to sell your dress in a short time with over 250 brands surveyed and a powerful internal search engine. You have the ability to exploit the ad with additional services such as highlighter or service port. This will allow you to speed up a lot of sales and profit.

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The timing of the sale on abitidasposausati.eu

In 2 years of operation of the site, have been added to many wedding dresses. Obviously not all were sold but from our data, are a success rate of 26% in a time of publication of about 5 months? Obviously we do our best to give you visibility, but it's up to you to understand how the market is going, sell the dress at the right price and present it to the fullest. Photos made bad that they do not communicate the details, just take away the possible buyer. So busy and you'll see that the game is done. Take a look at our guide



If someone contacts you and says he is willing to buy your dress even at a higher price, you're very careful.

Roam online scammers who try to steal your credentials paypal and send off your dress in various ways. Often these Nigerian scammers.


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If you sold your dress on our site, please send us your experience.It may be helpful to us to improve the service and especially for other users to improve their sales. If you want, your feedback will be published on abitidasposausati.eu as a witness.

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AbitiDaSposaUsati.eu is a new, young and practical, to buy the wedding dress of their dreams, paying on average 70% less.
The wedding day is certainly one of the most beautiful and important in your life. Why settle for an anonymous wedding dress? Read more

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